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Rentia Marx
Rentia Marx
2 days ago
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Brilliant supplier and excellent support
Owen Building Manager
Owen Building Manager
2 weeks ago
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All went well from start to finish. Installation work was carried out professionally, the staff helpful and friendly. Would have no problem using them again.
Shirley Preston-Gouveia
Shirley Preston-Gouveia
a month ago
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I am very happy in all of my dealings with this company.
Deandra Rance
Deandra Rance
2 months ago
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Professional and really nice team, Dan was fantastic organising the replacement of the office air conditioner and pleased with the service provided.
Tony Flint
Tony Flint
3 months ago
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10/10 super efficient, really friendly and helpful team. All works carried out to the highest standard and superb customer care.
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Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Services?

We offer expert air conditioning solutions throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas, prioritising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to providing quality branded products at very competitive prices, ensuring our customers receive the best value. Our services are designed to maximise energy savings and enhance indoor air quality. Additionally, our air conditioning units can be selected to seamlessly integrate with the design of your home or office.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team delivers reliable air conditioning services you can trust. We also cater to commercial clients, providing tailored solutions and separate quotations for any recommendations or required spares.

We pride ourselves on being a leading air conditioning company in the South, specialising in both residential and commercial air conditioning solutions.

We work with top brands such as Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and more, ensuring Hampshire residents receive the highest quality air conditioning solutions.

Air Conditioning Systems for Your Home

5 Reasons Why You Need Air Conditioning Installed in Your Bedroom in Hampshire

  1. Better Sleep Quality: Air conditioning ensures your bedroom stays at a comfortable temperature, promoting restful sleep even during Hampshire’s warm summer nights. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and wake up feeling refreshed.
  2. Allergen Reduction: Modern air conditioning systems come with advanced filters that reduce allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. This is especially beneficial for those with allergies, providing a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.
  3. Humidity Control: Air conditioning helps regulate humidity levels in your bedroom, preventing the dampness that can lead to mould and mildew growth. This creates a more pleasant and healthier atmosphere for sleep.
  4. Noise Reduction: With whisper-quiet operation, air conditioning units provide a serene and peaceful environment. Unlike noisy fans or open windows, you can maintain a cool temperature without any distracting sounds from outside.
  5. Increased Comfort: During heatwaves, Hampshire’s summer nights can be uncomfortably warm. Air conditioning allows you to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature, ensuring consistent comfort and better overall well-being.
  6. BONUS: Year-Round Comfort: Many air conditioning units also provide efficient heating during the winter months, making them a versatile solution for maintaining a comfortable bedroom temperature all year round in Hampshire.

Types of Air Conditioners for Homes

Custom designs for air conditioning units

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted air conditioners are a popular choice for residential settings, primarily because of their affordability and straightforward installation process.

These units can be effortlessly mounted high on the wall without requiring extensive redecoration or retrofitting of the room’s structure.

Low Floor or Low Wall Mounted air conditioning unit
Floor or Low Wall Mounted

Floor-mounted air conditioners function similarly to wall-mounted units but are positioned at floor level and often resemble radiators.

This option is perfect if you want to hide the unit or if you’re placing it on a low-level wall, like in a conservatory.

Ducted ceiling hidden air con
Ducted (Concealed ceiling units)

Ducted air conditioning units offer a seamlessly integrated and discreet design for your entire home.

Ideally installed during the construction phase, these units necessitate the placement of ducting throughout the house and access to the loft space void.

Portable AC Units

Portable air conditioning units offer convenient cooling solutions for specific areas, but they come with limitations. They’re less powerful than fixed systems, can be noisy, require venting, and take up floor space. While handy, they may not be ideal for larger spaces or environments where noise and space are concerns.

Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance, and Servicing

We oversee the entire process of air conditioner and HVAC systems installation, from start to finish, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. We also specialise in designing, installing, and servicing various ventilation systems, including small residential ventilation systems, data room cooling systems, and large commercial office multi-unit VRF air conditioning systems.

Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair air conditioning system issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your comfort.

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping air conditioning systems running smoothly and efficiently. It improves energy efficiency, extends lifespan, and prevents energy bills from escalating due to an inefficient system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Does Your Commercial Premises Need Air Conditioning?

Ensuring a comfortable working environment is crucial for productivity and employee well-being. In fact, studies show that productivity can decrease by up to 25% when employees are working in uncomfortably warm conditions. Investing in air conditioning for your business in Hampshire not only boosts employee morale but also creates a conducive atmosphere for increased efficiency and performance.

Ducted ceiling unit Brighton
Wall mounted air conditioner Brighton

Working from home?

Working from home has become increasingly prevalent, with many individuals now embracing remote work arrangements. However, maintaining productivity and focus can be challenging, especially during warmer months. By installing air conditioning in your home office in Hampshire, you can create a comfortable and conducive work environment. Stay cool and productive throughout the day, ensuring that your work-from-home experience is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Our Expertise in Air Conditioning Installation

Super Efficient Air Conditioners

Our installed air conditioning units offer both heating and cooling, ensuring a comfortable climate throughout the year in Hampshire.

Engineered for energy efficiency, these units deliver optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

We specialise in installing air conditioning units suitable for both domestic and commercial properties, providing versatile solutions for all your climate control needs.

Air Conditioning System Design and Installation

Our air conditioning installations offer advanced cooling solutions that quietly and efficiently cool rooms while also providing heating, ventilation, and UV air purification—all in one unit. With integrated smart thermostats, users enjoy advanced control and energy management.

Furthermore, our air conditioning systems come in various designs to seamlessly blend with your living areas, office spaces, and even children’s rooms. Whether discreet ceiling or floor vents, they deliver outstanding performance without the need for visible boxes, pipes, or grilles.

Our Commitment to Quality and Support

Full Backup and Support

We specialise in repairing air conditioning units, swiftly diagnosing and efficiently resolving issues. Additionally, we prioritise preventative maintenance to circumvent future problems, ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Our maintenance services for air conditioning units guarantee optimal performance and longevity, giving you peace of mind.

Servicing Hampshire and its surrounding areas, we expertly install air conditioning units tailored to your needs, ensuring comfort all year round.

Accredited Air Conditioning Experts

We are accredited and esteemed for our expertise in air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Our team comprises engineers and certified technicians skilled in both air conditioning unit installation and repairs.

We uphold a stringent training policy to guarantee top-notch service delivery to our valued clients.

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We're rated as Excellent


Based on over 171 reviews

10/10 super efficient, really friendly and helpful team. All works carried out to the highest standard and superb customer care

Tony Flint

Professional company, competitive quotes and knowledgeable engineers.

Jon Short

It is a pleasure to deal with your company, you are all pleasant and efficient very different from the service we have been receiving.

Rob Bray
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